Fort Mill Community Playhouse


Con man Roat and two ex-cons have traced a mysterious doll to the apartment of Sam and his blind wife Susy. Sam has been persuaded by a strange woman to transport the doll across the border, not knowing heroin is hidden inside. The three convince Susy that Sam is wanted for the women’s murder and the doll is the key to his innocence. Susy figures out she is the victim of a bizarre charade and a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues. A Broadway hit, this masterfully constructed thriller moves from one moment of suspense to another.

The ANNUAL MEMBER’S MEETING  will be held on Sunday, November 2, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. at the Fort Mill Playhouse. Please show your support for the playhouse by attending this meeting to vote in next years Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

Dessert and drinks will be served so please RSVP if you plan to attend and include the number of people attending the meeting.






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